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The Hounds (Album Launch)

Friday, 22nd September

Doors Open at 9:30pm

The Hounds Details:

The Hounds are celebrating the release of their second album ‘It is what it is’

  • They are a lively 3 piece  Irish psychedelic indie rock band for the forgotten ‘mature audience’
    1. Love.
    A new wave song speaking directly to the countless worldwide lovers who have not found what everyone needs … Love.   Featuring vocal input from persons in Swedish, Portuguese, Japanese, Swiss, Hindi, German and Spanish.2. In the News.
    A Blues rock song, Highlighting the frustrations of watching people living their special moments through a screen.3. June Bug.
    A melodic journey tune, expressing the deep frustrations, when the deep desire of the unattainable takes over sanity.4. Float Away.
    A trance like melodic start leading to a wall of sound, depicting the temporary madness and search for the relief given by getting out of your mind and body, after a breakup destroys your very being.5. Choices.
    A melodic rock/pop tune, looking back on life with the realisation that, in fact, you are responsible for the life choices (Sliding doors) you have made over the years.6. Razor Girl.
    Pure Straight Rock song (ac/dc meets the doors), reliving the wild out of control night with your ‘Razor Girl’  (Video available here, with thanks to Irish road racing champion, Derek Sheils)7. Bored.
    Age old  long term relationship issues  told from both man and woman’s perspective, with no holds barred honesty and venom.(featuring Raphaelle Smyth as guest vocalist)

    8. Siren Blues.
    Classic Blues/rock song remembering visual and audible imagery from a road trip in a Mustang through Florida neon light.

    9. Judith and Abra.
    An indie rock song depicting the often painted story of Judith who along with her Maid Abra infiltrates the enemy camp to slay the general besieging her people. Judith and Abra wait until Holofernes is in a drunken stupor, then she uses his own sword against him.

    10. Home.
    For the countless modern economic immigrants.

    If you require and further information please contact and thanks in advance for the support.
    The Hounds cd ‘It is what it is ‘ can be downloaded (for free) on and using coupon code ‘diehunde’


Event Details:

Doors 9:30 pm, live music starts 10 pm.